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Opposition in Russia Essay

  • Submitted by: MazzaT
  • on June 1, 2014
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Below is an essay on "Opposition in Russia" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.


Themes: Division, strength of govt., disorganisation OR Intelligentsia, minorities, peasants

The Russian Revolutionary Tradition


  Liberals (Intelligentsia etc.) look towards European ideas:
Want Liberal democracies, Middle Classes, want industrialisation and technology, create a WC
Socialism and Marxism led by intellectuals
  Russia is morally weak and outdated
Humiliation in war (Crimea, RT, RJ). No longer “great power”.
  Modernisers (Libs, Marxists)
Technocrats (With, Stolypin) support govt. and opponents


  Looked towards Russian history
Peasant communes (Mir) say socialisms already there (PC)
Agricultural society (land)
Religious purity/ racial purity of Russia
  Russia was morally strong
Autocracy “got things done”, industrialisation=evil, inward looking
  Mostly traditionalists
Supporters of Tsar: E.g. Plechve, Pobedonstev
Opponents (SRs, MC populists, intelligentsia). Say peasants need a leader for rev’

Russian revolutionary tradition:

  Need all pillars:
  Nationalists, non-Russians, want independence
  Narod (Peasants), the Russian people, want land
  Intelligentsia, educated elite, want constitution

How far do these verdicts hold true from 1855-1964?

The Polish and Hungarian Uprisings: A Comparison

Poland 1863: Polish uprising

Previously independent country, disliked Russian rule (Tsar a point of contention)
Peasants used to independence, Nobility and emancipation used to localise control, made their lives worse (WHY)
Inspired by “Emancipation”, AII open to change? 1861=expecting change

Hungary 1956: Hungarian uprising

Previously independent country up until 1945
Disliked Russian rule- Moscow based Politburo
Workers used independence or capitalist economy (WHAT)
Politicians used to localised control, now run by Moscow, left wing, 1930s pre-Fascists (WHAT)
Inspired by “Secret Speech”, Khrushchev open to...

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