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Organisational Analysis Coursework

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The purpose of this essay is to critically evaluate the statement of Senge (1990) in relation to the learning and culture perspectives where he argued for greater attention to the emotional dimension of human activity and suggests that those organisations that excel tap people’s commitment and capacity to learn at all levels.   In doing so I will be researching the learning and culture perspectives within organisations; looking at relevant literature, discussing relevant theories and analysing the links between theory and practice. Towards the end of this essay I will critically evaluate Senge’s statement as well as relevant theories and come up with a coherent argument of my own views on the subject. Senge's main attitude is that in situations of rapid change, only organisations that are flexible, adapt well and creative will excel.   He says for this to occur the organisation needs to determine how to tap into individual commitment and capability to learn at all levels to increase the organisations capacity to change.
In organisation learning there is a term ‘viewing an organisation as a brain’ whereby knowledge is the organisation’s greatest asset. There are different ways of viewing the brain, one where it is viewed as an information processing system; the others are more holistic models such as creativity, emotions, experimentation and mistakes.   Learning depends on space and time, redundancy, openness and the task of management is to enhance the organisation’s knowledge and ways in which it can be deployed.
Organisational learning normally relates to the process of how the individuals and groups learn within an organisation.   Although learning has been a theme since 1940’s Argyris and Schön were the first to propose models that enable organisational learning. Argyris & Schön (1978) distinguished between single-loop and double-loop learning. In single-loop learning, individuals, groups, or organisations modify their actions according to the difference between...

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