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Orientalism & Oriental Despotism in India Essay

  • Submitted by: katefed
  • on February 22, 2013
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Below is an essay on "Orientalism & Oriental Despotism in India" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

India has always been presented as A land of Desire for the west for its natural resources and its treasures and has been always tempted European colonists, especially Britain. Britain stepped into India as traders under East Indian Company and colonized India by 1857.
India, because of it cyclical nature, does not have a history from the European, mostly British colonial perspective that has been developed by several thinkers thorough the 18-19th century. The primary notions: Orientalist and Utilitarian, that were developed by thinkers like Hegel & Mill, were considered biased and nationalistic and were disapproved later due to its lack of evidence, ignorance of sources, new archeological evidence, clash of religious fundamentals, bias and imperialistic and nationalistic European view on India. According to Hegel, India didn’t develop because if its cyclical nature, consequently it could not adapt to British modern progressive materialistic expectations. Correspondingly, British modern system of values, capitalistic tenets cannot be applied to primarily religious, superstitious and imaginative state of India.    

There were two core European colonial perspectives on Indian civilization: Orientalist & Utilitarian. Mysterious novelty of the new land and culture of India seemed appealing to the Orientalists in the 18th century. Initially, Orientalist notion presented the point that Hindus evolved into the great degradation after the British colonization. Formerly they were in state of high civilization; from which they had fallen through miseries of foreign conquests, and subjugation. Thinkers such as William Jones and Max Muller focused their studies on linguistics and literature of India. India was seen a semi-civilized state based on the Aryan theory of race. The theory of Aryan race emerged from Orientalist study in the 19th century. Romila Thapar has elaborated empirical evidence that proved “Aryan Invasion” was rather “Aryan Migration”. Aryans...

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