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Original Novels and Film Adaptions Essay

  • Submitted by: Amber43
  • on June 3, 2014
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Original Novels and Film Adaptions
As an avid fan of both movies and books, I often find myself wondering whether or not to buy the book after I’ve seen the movie, or vice versa. I’ve seen some terrible film adaptations and some really good ones, and some that have nothing in common except the characters’ names and the titles, but are both enjoyable in their own way. On the whole, I think I like reading an original novel better than watching its film adaption because the original novels were created by the person who knows them best. The personalities of characters may be changed and become different between the novels and the movies. The movies don’t even come close to how the books portray the characters vividly. Besides, when a book is made into a film, there are often changes to the original story. The original story is prone to being shortened or simplified because the film version can only last two or three hours at most. These could make fans of the original novel feel the movie has turned out to be nothing like the book.
Take the most popular new romance novel, Twilight, for example. I was thrilled when I heard one of my favorite books, Twilight, was being made into a movie. I simply couldn’t wait to see the characters from the book brought to life on the big screen. However, to my dismay, the movie didn’t even come close to how good the book is.
The meat of the book is still found in the movie. The plot is a vampire romance and centers around the love story of the mortal Bella and immortal Edward. It takes place in rainy Forks, Washington. Despite both the book and movie of Twilight remained true to the basic ideas of the creator, Stephenie Meyer, the screenwriter still invented the other characters and inserted additional scenes which made the storylines sometimes become incoherent. Firstly, the actors that portray the main characters are far from what I had expected. There is a personality difference between the characters in the movie and the book....

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