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Orthodox Christianity in Modern Russia Essay

  • Submitted by: lamescreename
  • on February 21, 2013
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One of, if not the most enduring aspect of Russian society over centuries of Russian history and into the modern era, is the country’s largest religion, Russian Orthodoxy, ran by the Russian Orthodox Church. In modern Russia the church has a rather unique and a bit of an awkward place in Russia with regards to it’s relationship with the government and people of Russia. From the time the religion first came to Russia up to now the church has had a rather varied relationship with the Russian government and people at times officially being an institution to be respected and one to be scorned. This, combined with the fact that the church represents simply the largest religion, in a country that is hugely diverse both ethnically and religiously today, in post-Soviet Russia has left the country with a series of bewildering and confusing relationships with regard to church and state. The relationship between the Russian Orthodox Church and the Russian government and people is an uncertain one. In order to fully understand how the Russian state and the Russian church relate to one another interpretation and understanding of the interactions and independent actions of both institutions, both in the past and present is needed.
More so than most other groups of people, Russians devote much of their identity to their history, with a shared history shaping an integral part of what it means to “be Russian.”   With that being said, in order to understand the relationship the country shares with it’s church an understanding of the church and its role in the political and social history of Russia is needed. Starting at the beginning, this relationship could be said to start in the Kievan Rus, the predecessor state to Russia, roughly a thousand years ago. Kievan Rus was originally created and for the most part inhabited by pagans. However, the Kievan Rus, centered around the city of Kiev in modern-day Ukraine, stood at something of a crossroads, being within trading distance of the...

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