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Outliers Intro Essay

  • Submitted by: Jessquez
  • on February 27, 2014
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Outliers is a best-selling book authored by Malcolm Gladwell. According to Merriam-Webster’s dictionary, an outlier means something that is situated away from or classed differently from a main or related body. This book speaks about outliers who became more successful such as in the case of Bill gates and others. It debates about the “Nature vs. Nurture” phenomena and argues things such as when we are born, where we are from, who our parents are, what our passions and hobbies are, the culture we become heir to and etc. He says these things are factors that “mould us as successful person”. It proposes that a success is more attributable to external factors than internal aspects.
Outliers also tries to answer such questions as what Gates has in common with the Beatles- why Asians do good in math; and the reason why most of the smartest men are the ones accomplished less. All of these things are viewed in terms of generation, family, culture, and class.
To sum it up, the whole book attempts to prove that the success of someone is not just due to talent. There are many factors that contribute to these successes such as maturity, age, opportunities they engaged into, cultural background, and hard work. These are all interconnected and also require some sort of intelligence and natural interest to turn these things into a success story. Gladwell explains that success is also due to chance, not just the individual and that success is about the quantity of factors that help this person. “Success is a function of persistence and doggedness and the willingness to work hard for twenty-two minutes to make sense of something that most people would give up on after thirty seconds” (Gladwell 2008)

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