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Outline and Evaluate the Role of Neural Mechanisms of Controlling Eating

  • Submitted by: 11ataeif
  • on February 23, 2013
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Neural Mechanisms are structures that regulate behaviour and voluntary and involuntary bodilyfunctions. The main area of the brain involved in the regulation of appetite is the hypothalamus. Thehypothalamus is a gland in the brain responsible for homeostasis. The Ventromedial Nucleus (VMN)and the Lateral Nucleus (LN) are the parts of the hypothalamus that are thought to be involved infood regulation. According to the Set Point Theory, we have a biologically determined standardaround which our body weight is regulated. Hence we eat too little or too much. In response to this,homeostatic mechanisms alter our metabolism and appetite accordingly, to return us close to ouroriginal weight. According to Passer et al (2009), persistent over or under eating may make itincreasingly more difficult for homeostatic mechanisms to return us close to our original weight andover time may cause us to settle at a new weight.The Ventromedial Nucleus is the Satiety Centre. Satiety is the unconscious physiological process thatstops you eating. The VMN provides the signal to stop eating when it picks up hormonal messages.For example, when food is being digested the level of the hormone CCK in the bloodstream is high.This stimulates receptors in the VMN. Experimental electrical stimulation of the VMN has shown toreduce food intake. Baylis et al (1996) demonstrated that malfunctions in the VMN may causeobesity. The study consisted of two symmetrical lesions which were made in VMN of eight male andfive female rats. Their body weight was later compared with age-matched controls. They found thatthe rats lesions in their VMN had become obese, while the control rats had not. They concluded thatlesions in the VMN cause hyperphagia and obesity, so the VMN must play a role in satiation. This
study had a very small sample using only one breed of rat, so findings can’t be generalised. Also,
other tissues surrounding the VMN might have been damaged when the lesions were created, so itmight not...

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