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Paris Cole Essay

  • Submitted by: blessed167
  • on February 20, 2014
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Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary

Research Paper
The Person and work of the Holy Spirit in John’s Gospel

Submitted to
In Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for
NBST 655

Paris Marshall-Cole
July 1, 2012

Table of Contents
Thesis Statement 3
Introduction 3-4
Born of God (1:12-13) 4-5
Nicodemus (3:1) 5-6
The Personhood of the Holy Spirit 6-7
The Work of the Holy Spirit (16:5-11) 7-9
  1. Of Sin
  2. Of Righteousness
  3. Of Judgment
The Attributes of the Holy Spirit 9
The Holy Spirit in the Old Testament 9-10
The Holy Spirit in a Christian 10-13
  A. Jesus Promise another Helper (14:15-18)
  B. The Indwelling of the Father and Son (14:19-21)
  C. The Relationship of Believers to Christ (15:1-8)
The Mission of the Gospel 13
Conclusion 13-14
Bibliography 15
Thesis Statement: This paper will discuss how the Holy Spirit was given to the disciples and how He became manifested in them after the death of Christ.
The Apostle John “the disciple who Jesus loved” was in close contact with the Lord Jesus Christ on His time on earth. Each miracle that John records signified Christ’s glory, that is, His deity.   There are seven signs in the gospel of John and each sign should convince the readers that Jesus was the promised Messiah, and that his promise of the Holy Spirit was the greatest of all.
The seven signs are taken from Kostenberger:
  1) Turning Water Into wine at the wedding at Cana (2:1-2)
  2) The Cleansing of the Temple (2:13-150
  3) The Healing of the Nobleman’s Son (4:43-54)
  4) The Healing of the Lame (5:1-8)
  5) The Feeding of the Five Thousand (6:1-15)
  6) The Healing of the Man born Blind (Chapter 9)
  7) The Raising of Lazarus (Chapter 11)
The first mention of the Holy Spirit in John’s Gospel occurs when John the Baptist baptized Jesus and saw the Spirit...

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