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Part-Time Job Essay

  • Submitted by: chintalee
  • on February 27, 2014
  • Category: English
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1) Student should do any part-time jobs, shouldn’t them?
Almost everyone used to do a part-time jobs when a student at college. Regardless of its disadvantages as stated by some people, it is worth for any students to work part-time due to following sufficient reasons.
To earn a living, many of them have to work part-time after school. In Vietnam, almost students leave their home town to big cities for their advanced education. Besides school fee, living costs-the cost of housing, water, gas, electricity and food in those cities is too expensive for some parents to afford, especially when they have a lot of children. Therefore, some students try to earn some money by working part-time in order to share the burden with their parents. Others even earn a living in their own. In short, almost students do part-time jobs to pay for their living expenses when college students.
Part-time job’s experiences support their career in the future. Some students have a chance to deepen their major when doing a part-time job related to their major. My friend improved her Korean speaking skill after working part-time as a Vietnamese tutor of one Korean person. Other students gained some skills useful for them in the further. As switchboard operator, they can learn communication and emotion controlling skill. In brief, not only can them gain more knowledge but also learn some helpful skills.
Doing any part-time job makes students more responsible and mature. When receiving salary after one month working hard, they will value it and use this amount of money wisely. In addition, they will study much harder at school because they had to work hard to pay for education fee. This makes them much more responsible for their study. In my case, after earning some money by working part-time as a Korean tutor, I promised not to ask my mom money to buy comics nor to fail any subject whose fee costs half of my salary. I realized that how hardworking I was to earn this money and so my mom...

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