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Path Judgeship Essay

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Individual: Rough Draft- Research Paper

Research Writing – ENG/102
Week # 7
Professor Kimberly Stanley

Write a 200- to 300-word response describing the concept of attorney–client confidentiality and its importance to the criminal justice system. Include a discussion of the major concerns involved in maintaining confidentiality.

Attorney-client confidentiality is described as the communication between a lawyer and his or her client that is legally “privileged” to protect from discloser to a third party (Meyer & Grant, 2003).The rationale is that if clients were not guaranteed of the confidentiality of the information they share with their attorneys, then they would have an incentive to hide or distort facts necessary for their defense (Meyer & Grant, 2003). Not all form of communication has to be verbally spoken. It can come from body movements, phone calls to written e-mails.
The privilege is designed to fast frank, open, and uninhibited disclosure between attorney and clients so that the clients legal needs are competently addressed by a fully prepared attorney who is cognizant of all the relevant information the client can provide (Meyer & Grant, 2003).
This is vital to any criminal justice system so that the defendant know the attorney can say in the court case and if they is any form of injury to where the attorney will go to the jury and tell them that the defendant admitted to the crime. Maintaining the confidentiality could be the difference between guilty and not guilty to many inmates. I know that from seeing articles published about it, there are still a number of attorneys that will go to the jury and tell them that the defendant has admitted to his crime.


Meyer, J. F., & Grant, D. R. (2003). The courts in our criminal justice system. Upper Saddle
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