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People Cause Violence and Violence Cause Death Essay

  • Submitted by: pat0205
  • on February 19, 2014
  • Category: Social Issues
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People Cause Violence and Violence Cause Deaths.
Guns has been in existence since the middle ages and over the course of hundreds of years gun has evolved into a highly powerful machine; whether for killing or for protecting.The recent crime and tragedies that has shook our society have pushed the contemporary gun control debates. A debate over whether guns   really do kill or is it use for self defense. For most individuals guns are considered to be very dangerous and unsafe. Guns can be hazardous, but only if they are in the hands of violent individuals.
Gun is just a weapon made to protect one’s rights and, or to kill the other. However just like any other weapon, it can be used to inflict pain or worse, slaughter. With the recent crime, between 1999 and 2005 a wave of schoolyard shootings shocked the nation that sparked a general debate about gun violence. “It cannot be true that possession of firearms causes ordinary people to murder -- for murderers are virtually never ordinary, but rather are extreme aberrant with life histories of crime, psychopathology and/or substance abuse.” The violence caused by guns is because of the person on the other end not the gun. The ones who make the choice to pull the trigger are responsible. Firearms are indeed capable of   harming and even killing many people but only in the wrong hands. People pull the trigger, a gun by itself does nothing. Gun was simply this person choice of weapon to do so. The person could have chosen a knife and in the wrong hands a knife could have done the same damage as of the gun, murder. Guns do not cause violence, but people. Violence is a part of human nature. It has always been a part of human society and will always be.
Society is the issue not the gun and gun control would not solved the issue but further aggravate it. Theres a reason why   Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold choose columbine high school as their target simply because it was a gun free zone. The common citizen are powerless making...

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