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Personal Responsibility Essay

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  • on February 23, 2013
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Personal Responsibility Leads to Academic Success


May 28, 2012

Albert Hernandez

Personal Responsibility Leads to Academic Success

      Personal responsibility is simply defined as taking ownership of my own shortfalls, challenges, and successes by learning to adapt and overcome obstacles necessary to develop into the person I want to become.   Although there are always going to be outside factors that influence the decision making process, I ultimately have the final say in that decision.   To acknowledge that I am solely responsible for the decisions I make will allow me to control the direction of my life and move forward on the path to success.
      There are many factors in the decision making process that can lead to academic success.   These factors include, planning to pay for the education, staying healthy, and most important mastering time management skills.   These are the first steps in taking personal responsibility for the success of my education.
      Time management is a crucial element to collegiate success. Trying to balance personal time, business time, and school time can be daunting.   The development of a time management plan allows me to gauge my time effectively; allotting enough resources so each task in my life can be handled to the best of my ability. In my education, time management must be held paramount to ensure success. With proper time management, my stress levels are reduced and I no longer have to anticipate what is going to happen next in the day.   Having a solid time management plan in place all assignments will be submitted on time and I can always do my best.
      My time management plan includes a calendar and a task list.   In the calendar I record dates when assignments are due and schedule outside appointments around that schedule.   The task list is a daily list comprised of responsibilities to be completed for that day, and if a task is not completed that day it is carried over to the next...

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