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Petrie Electronics Chapter 4 Essay

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1.Which of the four phases of the project management process do you feel is the most challenging?

I feel as if all of the phases are difficult because of the time that needs to go into the project to make sure the outcome is positive. That being said I feel like the most challenging phase would be planning the project. If the plan is not effective enough then you may not have a positive outcome by the end of the project. If each activity within the project planning phase are not thorough enough then the project may not be completed properly. If you didn’t get the correct software, hardware or personnel to do the job then the task at hand may be harder to complete. If everything in this phase is monitored closely and used correctly then there is no problems. The thing that would worry me about this phase is the fact that there are 10 steps within this phase alone that you need to consider.

What are some sources of risk in a systems analysis and design project and how does a project manager cope with risk during the stages of project management?

One risk could be resource availability. It is important to have the resources you need at hand to make sure you can complete a project. If a company wants to create a new product, but do not have the proper resources that product may not run properly or run at all for that matter. Another risk is the fact that some of the people on the team may not be familiar with the product or software being used. If someone isn’t familiar with a product they may not be able to complete the task that is at hand. This is why it is important for the project manager to properly plan for these projects. A way these problems can be avoided is by good communication within the group.

Can a project have two critical paths? Why or why not? Give a brief example to illustrate your point.

If a company wants to stick with their specific dates then I would say you can only have one critical path. For example in construction they have...

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