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Phil 327 Essay

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AJ Method on Bioengineering

Ethical issue: Should we allow use of bioengineering to make our lives better?

Step 1: Info Gathering.

Question1: Is it going to do any harm or have side effects for people if we use bio-engineering technology?

Research results: Based on the articles I have been read online, bio-engineering is using biological methods to solve problems that are related to life science. An especially important application is the analysis and cost-effective solution to human health. Such bio-engineering technology involves biomedical therapy, clones, prolonging human life, and duplicate organs, etc. The clone technology has successfully been applied to animals. For now, bioengineering technology is still developing so the side effects to people are unknown, however, if it’s fully developed, it will be a huge progress for human history.

Question 2: What’s the difference between using bioengineering as therapy and enhancement?

Research results: According to what we talked about in class, bioengineering therapy is a treatment that you can use biotechnology to heal sickness. It’s faster and more effective than the traditional treatment. However, bioengineering enhancement is used to improve people’s physical ability even if they are already under a perfect health condition. For example, a healthy man can get taller and stronger; people can prolong their life so that they can live longer, maybe for centuries.

Step 2: Creative Problem Solving.

After the bioengineering technology is mature, we can make it popular and affordable so people can have the choice to make their lives better off or not. In that way, it respects everyone’s autonomy, rational self-interest and justice. However, this plan might not work because first of all, there are still some people cannot afford regular health care so we need to figure out those problems first; secondly, if everyone can afford bioengineering and prolong their lives, there will be a more severe...

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