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Pine Valley Furniture Company Databases Essay

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Pine Valley Furniture Company Databases
The Modern Database Management, 11th edition web sites for both instructors and students contain two versions (called ‘Book’ and ‘Expanded’) of Pine Valley Furniture Company (PVFC), based on Figures 2-22 and 6-6 of the textbook. These figures show a subset of the attributes available in the databases.
The files for the book version, covered here, contains the tables of Figure 2-22, along with much of the sample data used in Chapter 1, 6, and 7. The tables and data are stored in five ways.
  1. There is an MS Access 2000 version. Use of this version requires that MS Access 2000 or later be loaded and operational on a computer. Copy the file PVFC11e.mdb to the hard drive and open the file. This version also includes the MS Access queries that match most of the SQL queries demonstrated in Chapters 6 and 7. You may convert the file to the current version of Access you are using.
  2. There is an Oracle 10g version. An SQL script to create the tables and populate them in Oracle 10g is also included. Use of this script assumes access to Oracle 10g and SQL*Plus 3.3 (or later, or a recent version of Oracle’s SQL Developer), and authorization to create tables. Move the CREATEPVFC11e.sql   script to the hard drive. After entering SQL*Plus, at the SQL prompt type Start X:\CREATEPVFC11e.sql, where X indicates the location of the sql script. Pressing enter should cause the script to run, creating the tables and populating them. If you have SQL Server Management Studio or SQL Server Management Studio Express installed, this file, with its .sql extension, may be identified as a SQL Server file. However, it will not run under SQL server, because it uses Oracle syntax.
  3. There is a SQL Server 2005 version. The CREATE and INSERT scripts are zipped in a file named PVFScripts11e.zip. The database can be created with a script called PVFDB11e.sql.
  4. There is a comma-delimited, flat-file, ASCII version in one zipped file,...

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