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Poaching Essay

  • Submitted by: Legolocked
  • on February 21, 2014
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More Expensive Than Gold
Imagine yourself as a rhino, stampeding down the grassy plains, running for your life. You had just gotten yourself out of a trap and now there is huge clawed gash across your ankle, making it harder and harder to run. The deafening sounds of guns, hunters yelling, and hounds baying draws nearer. “We’ve almost got him!” A poacher shouts in triumph. “Fire, boys, fire!” Just then, you feel your head, body, and limbs explode as sharp biting bullets pierce through your hide, and with a howl of agony, the whole world goes black…
Poaching is the illegal taking and killing of animals. People poach animals to earn money, build unnecessary luxuries, or just for their own amusement. Most people think animals don’t have feelings at all, so then they can hurt these poor beings.  
Now that our world is expanding, the issue of money becomes more serious each day. Almost everyone wants to become prosperous, and some people become rich by poaching. The animals that are the most poached are rhinos. People poach rhinos mostly because of their horns, since it’s used as medicine in countries like China and Vietnam. Some say it can cure headaches; others think it prevents hangovers; some even reported that it could cure cancer. But scientists have proven that rhino horns are made from the same material as fingernails, so they have no proven medicinal properties.
Rhinos are already an endangered species and their numbers are vanishing quickly. From 2009 to 2011, an estimated amount of 893 rhinos were killed, and environmentalists are suspecting that 933 rhinos will be killed by 2012. There are only 18000 white rhinos and 1600 black rhinos roaming the plains of South Africa now, and every month, a few get killed. “We’re sitting at 455 with the two worst months to go and if you consider the growth rate is 6% a year, we’re getting close to a tipping point. That means when your deaths exceed your births, the species starts to go into decline,” the group's...

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