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Pob Sba Essay

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Principles of Business

Project Title: Slimz Natural Juices

Student’s Name: Shanice Pryme
School: Graydon Sealy Secondary School
Country: Barbados
Year:                           2014
School Code:                     030012
Registration :                    

Table Of Contents

Executive Summary----------------------------------------------------1

Description Of Business-----------------------------------------------2

Role Of Entrepreneur--------------------------------------------------3

Use Of Technology-----------------------------------------------------4

Potential For Internal Growth-----------------------------------------5

Justification Of Location----------------------------------------------6

Selection Of Appropriate Labour-------------------------------------7

Sources Of Fixed Capital And Working Capital-------------------8

Type Of Production----------------------------------------------------9

Levels Of Production-------------------------------------------------10

Quality Control Measures--------------------------------------------11


Potential For External Growth--------------------------------------13

Government Regulations---------------------------------------------14

Ethical Issues----------------------------------------------------------15

Executive Summary
    Slimz Natural Juices will be a sole proprietorship drink service, a

business that will be owned and run by me Shanice Pryme. Slimz Natural

Juices is a healthy drink shop, unlike a typical drink stall, Slimz Natural

Juices provide a unique delicious drinks at a value pricing with a good

atmosphere.   Slimz Natural Juices catch is the answer to increasing of

something healthy, delicious and bursting with many different flavors. There


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