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Population Explosion Essay

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  • on February 20, 2013
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I wrote the stuff in red.   The black is the text from the paper from the webisite sited above.

The world has faced rapid growth over the past one hundred years and that growth has created significant demands on the earth and its resources. In 1810, the entire world population was 1 billion.   Just 120 years later, the population doubled to two billion in 1903, then to 4 billion in 1975.   The current world population is 5.8 billion and is estimated to double again to almost 11 billion in less than 40 years.   The reasons for this rapid growth can be narrowed down to three things: 1. Increase in food production and distribution 2. Improvement in public health (water and sanitation), and 3. Medical technology.   Long gone are the days when birth and death rates were the same, keeping the population at an even keel.   The continuation of a high birth rate combined with a low death rate has created a situation where population is overpowering the earth’s resources and is stretched to the limit.

Rapid human population growth has a variety of consequences. Population grows fastest in the world's poorest countries. High fertility rates have historically been strongly correlated with poverty, and high childhood mortality rates. Falling fertility rates are generally associated with improved standards of living, increased life expectancy, and lowered infant mortality. Overpopulation and poverty have long been associated with increased death, and disease. 25 People tightly packed into unsanitary housing are inordinately vulnerable to natural disasters and health problems.

Action plans and strategies can be developed to increase public understanding of how rapid population growth limits chances for meeting basic needs. The spirit of open communication, and empowerment of individual women and men will be key to a successful solution to many population problems. Collective vision about health care, family...

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