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Population Growth Essay

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Ecology and Population Growth
Dolphinette Williams
March 2, 2012
Yasmin Henry

As per the U.S. Census Bureau’s Global Human population Clock it declares that the human population in the U.S. at the time of 01:55 on October 10, 2009 was 307,659,604 and the world total was 6,789,485,571. I rechecked the figures at 02:17 GMT same day the U.S. total now was 307,659,727 and the global total 6,789,488,913. As per these figures, the populace in the U.S. increased by 123 people in only 22 minutes and the world populace increased by 3342 individuals in the identical 22 minutes. The net declares that our global human population is increasing at roughly 9,000 individuals each hour or 220,000 individuals each day, in case you go by the World Population’s Clock, the entire world human population is increasing at about 10,026 people each hour or 240,624 people each day. Utilizing these statistics the U.S, human population must increase by 3,232,440 in a single year and the world populace must increase by 87,827,760 each year.

We've previously observed how the population increase problem has impacted our environment. With the ever growing size there's additional requirement for area to reside and more sources being utilized which consequently creates additional waste materials to be treated. Combined with the requirement for additional area to reside on there's also the requirement for additional area to cultivate the food, whether it is crops and/or animals to satisfy the increasing requirement. The only method we are able to satisfy these requirements is to encroach on our environment and reduce it every time we do this. Each time we get natural land for constructing, we ruin environments of other species. This must have a long range impact on us and our world sometime in the future. We are losing about 100 species daily with an average of 40,000 per annum. (www.zoology.suite101.com <http://www.zoology.suite101.com>) We may just afford to get this...

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