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Poverty Essay

  • Submitted by: sudha03
  • on February 22, 2013
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Below is an essay on "Poverty" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Those looking for definitions of poverty are likely to find many, and even find specific poverty tests which are administered to determine statistics like world poverty or the number of children that are in an impoverished state. The term itself is somewhat slippery to define, and may have different meanings depending upon country of origin. It can usually be thought of as the state of lacking resources that would provide people with basic necessities, or that force people to go without certain needed things like three meals a day or shelter. Yet it ought to be understood that people can still have some of these things, like a roof over their heads, and yet not enough of other things, like food, money to seek medical treatment, or to purchase adequate clothing.
In many countries, poverty may be defined by income only. Countries, states or even counties may set poverty lines. People who live below these lines or just above them might be considered impoverished, while those who live well above the line are clearly not. While this may prove one helpful way to evaluate how to help those with little, there is significant debate about where these lines should be set. When great changes in a country’s economic structure occur, current valuations of poverty may change drastically. The huge increase in gas prices in the US in 2008, for example, put some people who lived above the poverty line, below it because more of their income had to pay for the rising costs of gas.
Another matter of ethical concern is what occurs when people who work full time cannot make it over the poverty line. The term working poor describes many people who work hard every day and still can’t furnish themselves or their families with the average necessities of life. Great debate exists on whether a nation should make certain that employers operating in its country must offer a living wage as determined by present economic circumstances, but there is resistance to this idea, which fuels debate....

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