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Power Essay

  • Submitted by: rawrrcloe
  • on February 18, 2014
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Power Essay
            Due to the ignorance of modern cultures, indigenous tribes are disappearing faster than society can learn from them. It is shown in Power that even though western ways and ideas aren't similar to those of other cultures, it doesn't make indigenous people any less important. Ama and Omishto, two main characters, display this in the novel with the many ways they are influenced and interact with modern, western culture. Overall, through the use of myths and stories, Linda Hogan reveals the slow diminishment of the indigenous culture due to western civilization. There are many times that even the simple belief in myths and stories explain this idea and support what Hogan is showing about this issue.
            One of the main reasons that western culture looks down upon indigenous people is because their beliefs are different in many ways. Rarely ever is there something that both cultures have an easy time agreeing on. Omishto knows that her Aunt Ama believes in the Taiga culture ways, making it very hard for her to change her mind about certain things, which is what the western people want her to do. Omishto has seen this multiple times and comments, "…she still swears by old-time beliefs, and she believes in all the Taiga stories, that they are true, that they are real" (13). Many of the stories that Omishto is talking about are seen throughout the book and western culture has no similar belief in them. Therefore, western culture tries to push their ideas and beliefs on indigenous people, which is slowly diminishing their culture.
            Another example of how western culture has an impact on indigenous people is shown through the story of the panther. When Ama realizes what she has done when she kills the panther, she feels much remorse but there is one thing that she would never be able to tell - that the panther was actually very ill. She tells Omishto that she must not tell anyone about the panther because at first she is unsure...

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