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Preparing for Life in the Community Essay

  • Submitted by: Cattmy
  • on February 18, 2014
  • Category: Social Issues
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Below is an essay on "Preparing for Life in the Community" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

There are many ways that family life can prepare people to conduct themselves in society. Family teaches respect for elders and other superiors. Social etiquette taught in the family can help one better socially integrate with the larger group of the community. In these larger groups, it often seems that a single person can influence a community for better and worse.
All of these factors taught in the home can help people be better prepared for living in larger groups, and life in general.

Respect for superiors is a very important concept, taught in the family as respect for your parents. Respecting superiors is necessary since holding respect for them will make you a more effective worker, often receiving more praise than those who don’t. In childhood, this is taught as respect for your parents. If children do not have this taught in a family setting, he or she can become defiant and not want to listen to the orders of their superiors. This can lead to missed job opportunities, poor school performance, and an unhappy life as a result.

Another thing that can help people work better in a community is social etiquette. This is often taught in the family to prepare their child for school and beyond, as a lack of etiquette can make their child unsuccessful socially and unlikable. In a community setting, being social is very important for how much weight your voice has. A more social person with many connections has a much larger voice than a person who secludes themselves most of the time or has other social quirks.
Confucius suggests how one individual can have a significant effect on the community. A recent example would be in this class. By one student suggesting that a simple, informal, one paragraph should be a much longer, formal essay, the teacher’s guidelines were adjusted to meet the standards set by the student. Everyone, including the teacher, was affected. All of this change in the large community was the work of a single suggestion from a single...

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