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Presentation Essay

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  • on February 26, 2014
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Care home boss is found guilty of ill treatment
Who was involved?
  The perpetrator (Jane Harris)
  The 3 vulnerable residents (victims)
  South Yorkshire Police
  Doncaster and south Humber mental health NHS foundation trust
    Doncaster crown court
  Junior care home staff
  Support worker (Kerry McGuire)
  Temporary det inspector (Natalie shaw)
What happened?
A care home boss has been sentenced after mistreating mentally disabled women in her care. Nurse Jane Harris was found guilty of six accounts of ill-treatment of a person that lacks capacity at Doncaster crown court.
A jury took just over four hours to convict Harris by a majority of ten to one after hearing how the manager of the NHS-owned home abused three vulnerable residents in her care to punish one for hair pulling. Jane would throw food and repeatedly reacted violently towards a profoundly mentally disabled woman who was prone to yank the hair of other residents. On three separate occasions between May and June 2007 she was seen grabbing the wrists of women whose hair had been pulled. Each time, she manipulated their hands and arms to forcibly rain down blows on the head of the resident who had touched them. All three women at the NHS run home had such severe learning difficulties they were unable to speak.
Jane was caught after junior care home staff reported her to deputy manager Emma Timms who alerted NHS bosses. An investigation was launched and Jane was immediately suspended from work. Police arrested Jane Harris in December that year. Support worker Kerry McGuire told the court Jane had said ‘this is what I’ve started doing’ as she forced a resident to hit her friend. Jane had tried to discourage staff from reporting troubling incidents and that she would rip up report forms and threw them in the bin.
What outcome and action was taken?
Jane Harris has been jailed for up to five years after being found guilty of six accounts of abuse. The effects of the outcome are...

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