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Project Management Essay

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Executive summary
In the recent economic environment nowadays, the concept of project management and strategic objectives have been regarded as two of the most influential factors on organizational performance from the perspective of strategic planning. The influence of strategic objective on project performance has received high recognition from the public. The majority of literature on project management stresses the importance of strategic objectives in achieving project objectives (Munns & Bjeirmi, 1996). Furthermore, it has been suggested that there is a close relationship between the two variables which strongly affects organizational performance in the long run. Thus, this paper aims at discussing the question “Why organizations are using Project Management to achieve their strategic objectives”.
First of all, the paper will focus on the purpose of strategic objectives within an organization from the concept of strategic management, strategic objectives and finally, it purposes. It is suggested that making more profits via improving the effectiveness and efficiencies and reducing or even eliminating any possible errors. Additionally, the formation of strategic objectives is also referred to basing on the SMART model.
In the second section, the intent of project management is also examined in context which includes 6 main purposes namely (1) defining work’s requirements, (2) establishing work’s extent, (3) distributing necessary resources used in the projects, (4) planning implementation process of work, (5) monitoring and controlling work’s progress, and (6) making necessary adjustments in the plans. To achieve those purposes, the project life cycle will be applied then.
The relationship between strategic objective and project management will then be confirmed which assures that there is a mutual and strong relationship between these two variables. Strategic objectives define and guide the project managers to follow the right directions and...

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