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Project Method as a Means of Development of Foreign Language Communicative Competence Essay

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  • on June 5, 2014
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Below is an essay on "Project Method as a Means of Development of Foreign Language Communicative Competence" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

УДК 811.111

Омарова Сауле Бримжановна, ст. гр. ИЯ-42 МОК (КазГАСА)
Гауриева Г.М., к.п.н., доцент МОК (КазГАСА)


Данная статья посвящена применению метода проектов при изучении английского языка для формирования коммуникативной компетенции. Разработаны основные этапы работы над методом проектов, а также выявлены возникающие трудности в развитии коммуникативной компетенции.
This article is devoted to the application of the method of projects with the English language for communicative competence. Developed the basic stages of work on the method of projects, and also identified the difficulties in the development of communicative competence.
  Осы мақала коммуникатив құзырын қалыптастыру үшiн   ағылшын тiлiнiң зерттеуiнде жобалар әдiсін қолдануына арналған. Жобалар әдісінің үстінен жұмыстың негізгі кезеңдері жасалған, және коммуникатив құзырының дамуындағы пайда болатын қиыншылықтар анықталған.

At present the project methodology is widely used in the world modern methodology of teaching the English language, as it allows you to seamlessly integrate the knowledge of students from different fields to solve a given practical problems while encouraging the development of creative abilities of the student. The project follows and develops the specific situation. This situation occurs in the process of working on any academic subject.
The main goal of the teacher in teaching English is to stimulate creative potential of students along with the development of skills specific language tools.
Project method can allow to solve a didactic task and, accordingly, can convert English lessons in the discussion, research, training, where dare really interesting, practically relevant and accessible to students problems with taking into account peculiarities of their culture and, on the basis of intercultural interaction [1].
The method is based projects is the development of...

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