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Psyc 101 Essay

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  • on February 26, 2014
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Psychology: The Evolution of a Science |
Objectives or Goals:
Identify basic subject matter of psychology

Define the term psychology and the basic vocabulary of the discipline

Identify the major people and historical events important to the study of psychology

Distinguish between the basic theoretical perspectives of psychology

Describe major areas within the discipline and recognize the diversity of Psychology
Perspectives within Psychology
Diversity of the Discipline
Evaluating web resources
Introductory Lecture
This first chapter will acquaint you with the diversity of Psychology as a discipline and distinguish it from other disciplines. By some standards, it is a relatively new discipline; yet one can find articles such as Aristotle on dreams suggesting we have had a long standing interest in how our minds work, what makes us behave the way we do, and why we have the feelings we do.
Visit the web site of the oldest U.S. national psychological organization, American Psychological Association (APA) to see just how diverse the interests of psychologists are. A recent past president of APA is Phil Zimbardo, a social psychologist recently retired from a long career at Stanford. He wrote an article addressing man's capacity for evil (pdf) following September 11, 2001. And more recently, a related article in response to current events.  I urge you to read some of the articles listed in this learning module to learn how psychologists interpret current events.
It is at the beginning of the course that I wish to clarify for you the differences between psychologists (Ph.D. PSYd, M.S.) , psychiatrists (M.D.), licensed clinical social workers (LCSW), marriage and family therapists, (MFT), with all the letters after the individual's name. You will be better able to make informed decisions should you or your family decide to seek the services of a mental health professional. Check the "community" button at the San Diego Psychological...

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