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Psycholgical Perspectives Essay

  • Submitted by: Matthewschloe1
  • on February 26, 2014
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Psychology is the scientific study of the mind and the behaviour of animals and humans. There are four types of psychological perspectives which these are Behaviourism, Humanistic, the Biological perspectives and also Social learning theory. The first one I am going to be talking about is Behaviourism.
Behaviourism believes that it is all based on the concept of reinforcement which this could be positive or negative reinforcements that could take place. Watson had said “born as a clean/clear state, so how do we become what we are”. For everyone that has good behaviour they get rewarded for this and then on the other hand the people that have naughty behaviour they get punished for this. There are two main theorists that are to do with Behaviourism and these are Ivan Pavlov and also Burrhus Frederic Skinner. The picture below is showing us how Ivan Pavlov was doing the experiments with the   dog. Ivan Pavlov had showed the existence of the unconditioned response by presenting the dog with a bowl of food and also measuring its saliva. However when he had discovered that any object which the dog had learnt how to associate with food such as a lab assistant which this would trigger the same response, which he realised that he had made an important scientific discovery which he devoted the rest of his career to study the type of learning. In his experiment he used a bell as his neutral stimulus. Whenever he gave the food to the dog, he also rang a bell. After a number of repeats of this procedure, he tried the bell on its own. As you might expect the bell on its own now caused an increase in saliva. From this the dog had learned an association between the bell and food, which also a new behaviour had been learnt, this was because this response was conditioned and also the neutral stimulus has become a conditioned stimulus.
John Watson believed that people acted the way they do because of the external factors. People reacted to the situations and their behaviours were...

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