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Psychological Egoism Essay

  • Submitted by: kidcool
  • on February 19, 2014
  • Category: Psychology
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James Riley
February 20th 2014
Mark Herr

Psychological egoism
Someone with a lung obstruction disease like asthma, emphysema, etc , is in dire need of quick relief medication. Another individual with the same disease is carrying medication that can relieve the symptoms of the person in dire need of medical help, would it be selfish because the unknown Samaritan aided the distress?. Another instance of psychological egoism is if I am grocery shopping and a customer ahead of me is short .60 cents, but the catch is she is quite attractive. Am I guilty of selfish behavior?. Lastly,   my neighbor who helped me while I worked on my car, but in the process details “oh I’m tired of coming home and watching TV, and then go off to bed”. Did he unknowing display another form of psychological egoist behavior?.
Psychological egoism is a theory based on the idea that individuals do things not because he thinks of himself as a good Samaritan, but unknown to him it is done for selfish reason. Ultimately nothing is absolute in life, but even though psychological egoism   maintains that everyone that does a good deed does so because it benefits their self interest these selfish acts are in a sense restoring the balance of life. because all people are not selfish; although many are.
Humans are essentially selfish not to mention violent by nature, and will behave from a motivation of self-interest. I pay attention how every person is motivated to act in a way that will generate the best results for him/herself daily for instance the news, driving on the freeway etc. Thus, even actions that would appear to be altruistic are, in fact of psychological egoism. Behind every decisive move that a person makes is an underlying question about what that person will get out of the action. Which would mean that everyone in society is composed of selfish individuals who care only for their own gain. Let's no bury heads in cynicism when dissecting human nature, because there are...

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