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Racial Identity Essay

  • Submitted by: pb9060
  • on February 23, 2013
  • Category: Social Issues
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Based on research I understand that White racial identity is frequently depicted as an avoidance racial category, which is considered to be an indistinguishable, but advantaged identity molded by years of repression of other nationalities other than whites. Being white has become equal with privilege and opportunity. Individuals who are white can really advantage in society.   As young Americans we have not all been exposed to other races.
I was raised in a predominantly African American surrounding, which only allowed me to be exposed to people of my own ethnicity. As I got older I was educated about racism but I still held on to the stereotypes and generalizations of what I was taught through society. It was mentioned in the readings that diversity is important because ignorance can play a major part in verbal and non-verbal abuse with race.
As a college student attending SIUE, university I have had the opportunity to experience different cultures as well everyone else. I have encountered other situations where people were not used to African Americans.   Although they weren’t used to it or exposed to diversity they proceeded to try and make the best out of the situation.
I haven’t experienced any racism while attending this school and I haven’t sensed any awkwardness from other students because everyone was able to conduct himself or herself as well as express themselves. Above all I consider this to be a learning experience for all. Even though some people mention that they don’t see a color when talking to someone of a different race it is not necessarily a good idea to try to ignore the obvious.
Throughout the teachings of racism some whites internalize guilt and feel that they should help or try to do things to show that race does not play apart in there daily decisions. I honestly don’t believe that it is a major concern unless the subject it brought about in a major discussion.

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