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Rainbows End Essay

  • Submitted by: acly10
  • on February 22, 2013
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Belonging is about the desire of acceptance that may or may not bring personal satisfaction.
How does your prescribed text support or reject this idea.

In the play “Rainbows End” by Jane Harrison depicts how the misunderstandings between Indigenous and non indigenous people prevent Aborigines from developing a sense of security and belonging in Australian society. This sense of belonging to a community heritage also extends to the land of the Aborigines. The sense of belonging that can be seen between the people and the land can also be seen with the strong connections within Aboriginal families. they live in a society that does not value them or their culture and they suffer for not belonging to the majority of white Australia.   Belonging is about the desire of acceptance that may or may not bring personal satisfaction.

The Aboriginal people experience exclusion from the rest of Australian society by the implications of policies. This can be seen in various ways one of which shows how families were separated. The Aboriginal families experienced separation during the period of the assimilation policy. The stolen generation refers to the generations of children who were removed from their Aboriginal families by Australian government agencies and church missions. In the play Nan Dear experienced terrible anxiousness when she witnessed the removal of children from their families within her community throughout her life and is aware of the damaging effects on both the children and the families to which they belong to. “Nan Dear: [to herself] And hospitals is where they take our babies away.” When Nan makes this comment to herself it is an indication that she has given up expressing anger and accepted that the only way she can protect the babies of her own family from being removed is to keep them away from the notice of government authority. The Aboriginal are experiencing further isolation as they keep their distance from the white society.

The sense of...

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