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Ramayana Reserch Essay

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  • on February 18, 2014
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The ―Ramayana Trail‖ of the Tourist Board
False Archaeology: Threatens Sovereignty Susantha Goonatilake

"Ramayana Trail"

The Archaeology Department has strict rules and laws against the destruction of archaeological sites; however there are no laws for the opposite - creation of bogus sites and artefacts. The so-called "Ramayana Trail" of the Sri Lanka Tourism Development Authority is an invention of sites.

A series of fictional archaeological sites

The tourism authorities have a committee titled the "Ramayana Trail Executive‖, chaired by one Mr. Kiriella, an unknown among academics. The link of the Tourist Board ―ramayana research" gives the fiction. And a series of videos on the internet titled ―Following the Trail of Ramayana in Sri Lanka‖ adds a further series of fictional sites.

The RASSL had an internal workshop

The Royal Asiatic Society RASSL had an internal workshop of experts which found that the sites were fiction. We invited Tourist Authority ―experts‖ but they did not come

"Ramayana Trail― "experts"

We could not find any prior formal academic background in Sanskrit, archaeology, history, Sinhalese, Pali studies and related subjects, essential to researching a historical "Ramayana Trail― for their prime "expert" Kiriella, His other expert Subash Chawla is the owner of a shop in the Pettah

Ravana discovers missiles and bombs including nuclear bombs

Kiriella says that Ravana was the first to discover missiles and bombs including nuclear bombs. He claims that there are cave inscriptions of Ravana and of his dynasty in Sri Lanka which have been explored by the Ministry of Tourism's Ramayana Trail Executive Committee.

Kiriella claims

Kiriella claims that Ravana "ruled over seven continents from Lanka. ―They were modern South America, Southern Europe; Himalaya including the Hindukush mountain range and continents up to Madagascar.‖

Two caves alongside in Vessagiriya...

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