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Reading Quiz Essay

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  • on June 3, 2014
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1) ​The walls of all blood vessels except the smallest contain of 3 layers: the tunica intima, tunica media, and tunica externa. The tunica intima reduces friction between the vessel walls and blood, the tunica media controls vasoconstriction and vasodilation of the vessel, and the tunica externa protects, reinforces, and anchors the vessel to surrounding structures.

2) Vasodilation involves the dilation of the blood vessels to release excess heat therefore blood will flow faster to the muscles. The vessels are widening in diameter so more blood can flow through.
Vasoconstriction involves the constriction of the blood vessels to keep in any heat therefore blood will flow slowly to the muscles. The vessels are reducing in diameter so less blood can flow through.

3) ​Elastic artery contains large amount of elastin, which enable these vessel to withstands and smooth out pressures fluctuation due to heart action.
Muscular, artery delivers blood to specific body organ, and have the greatests proportions of tunica media of all vessel, makes them more active in vasoconstrictions.
Arteriole is the smallest artery and regulates blood flow into capillary bed through vasoconstrictions and vasodilations.

4) Capillary bed is formed from a network of capillaries and are found between arterioles and venules to function as the exchange site between the bloods and the interstitial fluids. Capillary is absent of smooth muscle and consist of a single layer of endothelial. The luminal diameter is equivalent to that of a single red blood cell.
​Capillary bed is microcirculatory network consisting of a vascular shunts and true capillary, which functions as the exchange vessel.

5) Veins differ from arteries in structure and function; for example, arteries are more muscular than veins, veins are often closer to the skin and contain valves to help keep blood flowing toward the heart, while arteries carry blood away from the heart.

6) If blood pressure increase, blood...

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