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Reading Review Compare and Contrast New South vs Old South

  • Submitted by: maegan1621
  • on February 18, 2014
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Reading review
William Faulkner’s short story “A Rose for Emily” is a piece of southern literature that walks you through some of the most trying times of the south.   In this short story a women by the name of Emily is part of a prestigious family known to the community for their poise and money. The name Grierson means something to everyone it seems until times change. When times change new people come into power and Emily stays set in her ways.   The townspeople carried a sort of sympathy once her family passed, with her only reaming kin living in south Alabama.   Miss Emily was known for her big seventies style abode that was once white and filled with life, but soon became to be a mysterious place.   Her neegro “manservant” being the only one to go in or out for years.
Miss Emily was artist. She had given china painting lessons to a few children in the town, but they grew older and once the last had come she didn’t take many visitors. They say she had fallen in love with a man, a Yankee man, which was not easily accepted by her peers. “A Grierson would not think seriously of a northern man”, they would say. However, she did despite her only kin coming and doing their best to talk their sense into her. She proceeded to the jeweler to get him a bathroom set, and a men’s robe, and a tie and suit, and night wear. It became evident to the town that they were married. Some time passed and no one had seen either of them with the exception of the druggist who sold her arsenic. The town was sure it was to kill herself. The only times she was seen was while lurking in the shadows of once gorgeous house turned shadow filled dungeon. Over her years she had many complaints. Her first Complaint was of the odor from her house that no one would address, out of sympathy, causing neighbors to take matters into their own hands. Lime was spread amongst her property and the awful smell settled. As time passed the new mayor and alderman had set up a free mailing system, but Emily...

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