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Reflection Essay

  • Submitted by: BakrShalash1
  • on February 18, 2014
  • Category: English
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Global Economics
Bakr Shalash

In my CAS reflection sheet, I was able to complete my five hours in several activities. First I just wanted to say that my activity was based on the sport basketball. I like to teach the sport and of course play it. In this activity, I worked collaboratively with others.
So the activity I did was ref basketball games at YMCA. That was my activity. Every Saturday there is a total of at least 8-10 games. Since I am one of the reffs, I am able to reff the games. Each game is at least 1 hour each.
I reffed a total of five games, that was five hours of my activity of action. I think that this activity reflected to be by is that whenever I was a little kid I played little league basketball. Know that I have grown up, I am able to work with others and accomplish my dreams of a ref in basketball.
I also in my activity of reffing, developed new skills and undertaked new challenges in this activity. I was scared at first because I thought I wasn’t able to ref the games. Until I got the hook of it, I started learning day by day how to accomplish this activity.

Activity- Reffing games at YMCA
A total of five games.
  1. Game 1 - 1 hour                                 12/7/13
  2. Game 2- 1 hour                                   12/7/13
  3. Game 3- 1 hour                                   12/7/13
  4. Game 4 – 1 hour                                   12/7/13
  5. Game 5- 1 hour                                     12/7/13
= 5 hour activity

What I learned in this activity is that communicating with others such as other reffs leads you to the right path. I also worked collaborate with the other refs and staff at the YMCA. I learned many things for this activity. Lastly, this activity, increased the kids who play YMCA’s   strength and areas of growth.

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