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Reflection Essay on Human Development

  • Submitted by: cdware
  • on February 27, 2014
  • Category: Social Issues
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Personal Reflection Essay

    Human development is an academic field with a number of benefits to offer any student who chooses to take a course within this area of study.   I took the introductory level course in human development for a number of reasons personally, academically, and professionally.   As a nursing student, human development offers a plethora of invaluable information pertaining to physiological, biological, and even psychological processes within any and every human being from infancy to the elderly and every major milestone between those beginning and end points.   My professional interests in human development center on particular medical conditions such as the various forms that cancer can take and the conditions under which those disease cells develop across the life span. Human development has been beneficial in giving me insight into how the development of the body during certain life stages can provide a breeding ground for these cells and the conditions that follow as a result of their development. As a student nearing the end of the semester, this course has certainly lived up to the aforementioned benefits with regards to the information offered within the focus of its contents.  
    This course has familiarized me with the physical developments of the human body, both male and female, as the lifespan progresses.   It also gives one insight into the mental processes of the individual as he or she progresses through various life stages, which can be vitally important with regards to interpersonal communication within a number of venues and situations in the numerous relationships one may find themselves involved in over time. Within the family sphere, human development can give family members insight into the mental and cognitive processes of their counterparts, siblings, and offspring, so as to maintain familial harmony.   Within the professional realm, it can aid in maintaining synchronicity within the hierarchy around the proverbial...

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