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Reitmans Ltd. Essay

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While the Canadian retail industry has been slowly recovering since the recession in recent years, leading North American retail firms still feel increasing pressure to control their Cost of Goods Sold and non-revenue related expenses, as many other costs that are out of their hands, such as rising wage inflation in China and high cotton prices, have been increasing. Exhibit 1 provides a detailed analysis of the industry, starting with the intensity of rivalry, which has proven very high due to a high number of competitors and the challenge of creating very unique, differentiated retail products. The current biggest challenge in this industry is the ecommerce phenomena that has not only increased customer’s accessibility to any brand they like, but has also brought the advent of mobile technology which causes stores to not only compete for customers to go into their store versus another, but also to compete with these stores that they bring “in” with the aid of technology.v Another threat is that of new entrants, as U.S. retailers have become increasingly interested in Canada due to its unexhausted retail industry, which has fewer retails stores than the U.S. and are actually making more money.   Ecommerce has not only increased competition in the market, but has also resulted in huge threat as a substitute to the typical brick-and-mortar store. There are so many similar products available and most products you find in one store can be found in another (usually at very low switching costs for consumers), thus the threat of substitutes has a big influence on the industry. This also translates into buyers having lots of bargaining power as they have so many choices and are empowered by mobile technology and the internet, which they can easily use to search for similar products and thus they have the power to decide which store to support based on price, customer service, loyalty programs etc. The bargaining power of suppliers in the industry tends...

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