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Educational Trip to the Faculty of Medical and Health Science

On the ***, the students of Hayat went to the Faculty of Medical and Health Science that is located at Jalan Tun Ahmad Zaidi Adruce. We were divided into three smaller groups that consist of approximately 48 people in a group.
Upon arrival, we gathered in a ‘dry lab’ which is called “Makmal Pelbagai Ilmu”.   We were given a small talk on what to expect if we decided to further our studies in the medical field.   It was stated that the academic programs in the Faculty of Medical and Health Science (FMHS) includes the undergraduate and the postgraduate.   The undergraduate who took medicine will be studying for 5 years while the undergraduate who took nursing will be studying for 4 years.   The postgraduate includes the MSc, PhD, MPH and Dr PH.   The medical programs on the other hand are divided into two which are the Professional Exam 1 and Professional Exam 2.   Students in Year 1 and Year 2 will be studying 9 blocks while the students in Year 3, Year 4 and Year 5 are going for clinical posting in Serian or Sibu, Sarawak.   After the briefing, we were expected to visit and have a view of three different rooms with different medical fields, which are the Anatomy Museum, the Clinical Skill Laboratory and the 'wet lab' of the "Makmal Pelbagai Ilmu".  
Arriving at the Anatomy Museum, one of the lecturer, Dr. Lucy Kyaw Mya was assigned to show and explain about the anatomy of human body to us. She showed us the different parts of human body from head to toe.   Some of the example is the differences between the breast of a normal woman and a pregnant woman.   Apart from that, we get to see a few models on parts of the human body such as the mouth.   There is a model of a mouth with diseases such as tongue cancer.   After a while, we went to the second room in the Anatomy Museum, which is the Pathology Room.   Dr. Saiful, a pathologist, showed us the specimens of parts of human body that have been infected with...

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