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Visit to Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, UNIMAS

On 17th December, students of Hayat 2 went on a visit to Faculty of Medicine and Health Science, UNIMAS located at Kuching, Sarawak. We were joined by a few of Biology lecturers. Upon arriving, we were divided into 3 groups, each consisting of 48 students.
Then, we were led to a laboratory that can fit in around 100 students at the same time. There, a briefing was given to us about what to expect if we decided to enrol as a student in these two faculty, medical for 5 years and nursing for 4 years. We were also told on how the study and examinations will be conducted.
As for the medical programme, the programme is divided into two phases, Phase 1 and Phase 2. Phase 1 is mainly focused   to the study of the basic medical sciences and Phase 2 to the clinical disciplines. Year 1 and Year 2 students will go through 9 blocks which consist of learning topics such as, Human Body and Organ System. After that, students will face their first Professional Examination.
In the 4th Year, students will have forensic posting where they will have to observe 2 cases and have a chance to enter the morgue. Students will have their second Professional Examination after Year 5. The medical programme abides to the  organ-system approach and has adopted Problem Based Learning (PBL) in its curriculum. There are two main types of assessment, which is continuous and End-of-Block/Posting.
As for the nursing programme, clinical exposure will be given to the students at some of the Sarawak’s Hospital such as Hospital Umum Sarawak and Hospital Sibu. The nursing programme follows the semester system. We were then told on the activities that are held for the occupant of Kolej Kasturi such as sports, National Day and Eid.
Our group is then led to the Clinical Skill Lab (CSL) where we were shown on how to use equipments and tools such as Electrocardiogram which is used to measure the heart’s electrical conduction system. We...

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