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Research on Theories Paper

  • Submitted by: abbeckham
  • on February 19, 2014
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Research on Theories Paper

Research on Theories Paper
Constructivist Theory is based on the study of cognition. This theory is linked to child development research done by Piaget and Vygotsky as well as many others. Although the roots of constructivist vision of cognition can be tracked back to Piaget (1930) and Bartlett (1932), the knowledge construction view has come to dominate the field only with in the past few decades (Phye, 1997, p. 479).Constructive learning is an active process in which learners exercise or adapt their own new ideas or concepts based on past knowledge or previous experiences. This process requires change in the classroom. The learner selects the information, creates a hypothesis and makes their own decision. The teachers are there to encourage students to discover principles by themselves. Each person has a different interpretation and construction of knowledge process ("Constructivist theories, paradigms,," 2013). The basic idea of the Constructivist theory is that problem solving is at the heart of thinking, learning and development.
The Constructivist theory has many benefits and strengths. The constructivist vision of learning and cognition has stimulated exciting possibilities for promoting student problem solving (Phye, 1997, p. 491).   One of the stronger strengths is that it creates a better understanding for the students. Students are able to come up with their own ideas, questions and answers. Teachers are there as a guide to help them along with the process. Active involvement makes students more likely to remember what is learned. Learning potentials are maximized by using a variety of learning styles.
Constructivism creates a collaborate process. It focuses on brainstorming, team building and the classroom as a whole. This is effective because the students get a variety of answers where they can form their own opinions. Students learn to question and apply their thoughts and knowledge. The constructivist theory...

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