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Roman Public Essay

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  • on March 2, 2014
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  The transition period for Romans from the Monarchy system of administration to Republic system ranged between the periods (578-508). This saw the empire, as it was referred at the time undergo series of changes in its governance in pursuit of a Republic. In this essay therefore, the issues addressed are solely the basic transition protocol that accrued for the Romans. In essence, the Etruscans, who were solely behind Monarchy system, will be discussed. The essay presents a concise examination of roman feature that was solely Etruscan. The myth of Lucreatia rape as is a major contributor to patriotism for the Romans will be enlightened too.

  The Etruscans distinctive personality could be traced in their culture and religion as pertains development when compared to those of other people. They occupied the region between Arno and Tiber Rivers at the north of Rome. The Etruscans culture was well developed as well as advanced. Great information and rather facts regarding the Etruscans were an attribute of the Greeks. They were therefore later affirmed to have come from Lydia in Asia Minor at around 1200 B.C because of famine. Their name, `Etruscan’ which according to the Greeks was `Tyrrhenian’ came from the Lydia’s leader and King Tyrsenian.

  As mentioned earlier, the Etruscan’s had a well developed culture that was not only advanced but also distinct from all others. It should however be understood that though the Romans were the first to be subjected to the Etruscans they later became their conquerors. By politically subordinating the Etruscans by 400 B.C, the Romans stood the advantage of exploiting them. Some of the things that the Romans therefore adopted from the Etruscans include; Etruscan alphabet which the Etruscans had adopted from Greeks[1].

  It was later realized that some of the languages that were spoken in Indo-Asia had their making by Etruscans. Being reliant of agriculture and trade for...

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