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Running Essay

  • Submitted by: myarttavares
  • on February 22, 2013
  • Category: Miscellaneous
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Tavares Banes
I am sure everyone is asking themselves about this title- “Running! I wonder what this essay could possibly be about?” Let us focus on the definition of the word run. “Run” to move swiftly on foot so that both feet leave the ground during each stride. Run also means to go when in trouble or distress i.e., as in “He is always running to his lawyer.”   In my life I was bread to run, and actually it taught me how to be physically fit quick and agile. Mornings I had to awake and hurry to beat my uncle across the street to the park on our block. If I did not do it swiftly enough, I received the prize of getting punched in the chest with my uncle’s strong right hand. Seems like a small thing right? It would be if I wasn’t just six years old at the time and smaller than most of my peers. Then if I were older getting punched would have been a breeze instead of a long painful sting.
I guess I have been running from that point on and I can say that it helps you to build mental strength and stamina. To endure the different trials that went on within the house I had to know how to mentally run away. I would listen to the music on the radio and imagine myself in that position or life standard. Oh, how great Michael Jackson must have it being wealthy and famous at such an early age. It helped my mind to be strong enough to endure the different things I would go through as an adult. I am a great employee today because I did not let abusive events affect my mind. I am a worker that is considered an asset and not a liability. I know how to handle things in a more diplomatic and professional way verses hostile and critical. Running (mentally) helped me to evade the troubles and doubts that I had early in life so I would not become a basket case when I became of age.
“Running” on the turnaround (negative side) I can say that mental fatigue is not the best tiresome feeling to have. It can cause your stress level to mathematically run over the rise! It...

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