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Sainsburys Company Background and Marketing Essay

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I am going to briefly analyse Sainsbury’s background, the value they offer, their competition and their marketing strategy. I will also outline the key words that are used to identify Sainsbury’s through Google AdWords which will be displayed in the appendices in a table.

Sainsbury’s is a British supermarket that operates in the UK with a strong heritage dating back to 1869 (Sainsbury’s, 2014). They sell a number of different products including groceries, homeware and clothing as well as a website that sells everything from cookers to washing machines.
According to Business Case Studies (2012) Sainsbury’s were the first supermarket to launch their bank in a joint venture with the Bank of Scotland in 1997. They started off with two Visa credit cards and today they offer credit cards, savings accounts and loans as well as a variety of insurances. In 2013 Sainsbury’s took full control of their bank by purchasing the remaining 50% of shares from the Lloyds Banking Group for 260m (Guardian, 2013).
As well as diversifying into the banking industry they have “recently launched their own pay-as-you go mobile network where they teamed up with Vodafone to offer a number of bundles set to appeal to less technology savvy consumers such as mums” (Curtis, 2013).
Sainsbury’s Value
Sainsbury’s pride themselves on the quality of their products that have been ‘sourced with integrity’ whilst still managing to offer excellent value for money. Their own brands including Taste the Difference, and their Basics range are reasonably priced offering their customer’s cheaper alternatives whist maintaining high standards. Another way Sainsbury’s offer value is by its relationship with Nectar which allows customers to save money whilst they shop. This is backed up by the recent venture into offering brand matching for Asda and Tesco, which means if any product is more expensive you receive a voucher for the difference.
Sainsbury’s communicate how much...

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