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San Kinship System Essay

  • Submitted by: mikehuerta
  • on February 23, 2013
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According to Cultural anthropologyby Nowak, B., & Laird, P. (2010) the San people, a foraging tribe in Africa, are traditionally a band society made up of family and relatives. Foraging bands such as the san survive by going where there is an abundance of food and water. They practice a gender based division of labor just like many other foraging bands, primarily with women caring for children and foraging for vegetation and men hunting and providing other skills such as tool making.
Along with being hard workers and doing what is needed, the san people are also leisurely people who enjoy each other’s company and heavily rely on each other. Social ties are considered very important in band society because no one can simply be in it for his own benefit. San meals are a wonderful example of the way things work in their communities, every bit of food is pooled together and passed around for everyone to have a share, and every table is a smorgasbord of bits and pieces from each family’s contribution to the meal. With everyone in the community contributing, san people are not require to toil every minute of every day for survival, in fact, our text book says they spend a few days a week working and providing for their families and the camp and the rest just enjoying life and their surroundings.
The san people have bilateral descent which means they consider themselves as related to both sides of their families which is important because in an extreme event such as scarcity of water, the san people are able to find relatives in camps that do have water. The close kinship arrangements of the san people are very important in all aspects. Their communities practice polygyny and men marry their brides before they reach maturity.
Women are very important in their communities because of their position in helping provide food and care for the children, because of this they even have a say in the major decision making for the community. Due to the fact that their brides...

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