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Scamper Essay

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SCAMPER Homework: Computer KeyBoard

Substitute: The product was originally designed for desktops where they are not connected to the monitor. Therefore when portable laptops came to the market, keyboards were built in to the device. Of course prior to the age of computers, typewriters were used indispensably for practically all writing.

Combine: iPhones could be combined with keyboards. A dock design could be implemented for Apple computers in order to sync your phone with your computer instead of using your USB charger. Importing pictures and charging your phone would be easier. You could also use your keyboard to type on your phone for texts, emails, etc. Also, audio speakers could be combined with keyboards. It would prevent having to buy speakers themselves.

Adapt/Alter: In the case of desktop keyboards where they are portable, it would be great for them to be waterproof. The benefit of keyboards being waterproof would be the feasibility of cleaning the board. They often get dirty because we use them with our dirty hands that have oils and who knows what on them.

Modify/Magnify/Minify: I would add a solar panel to charge the keyboard eliminating the buying of batteries. Smaller in the case of keyboards is not always better with size of human hands. So a long, not heavy in weight keyboard would be ideal for optimal typing.

Put to Another Use: Everyone seems to have an iPhone these days so the connectivity with iPhones would be full of productivity for those users. Also, any business that needs a computer, which includes all of them today, would find the product’s value.

Eliminate: Wireless is simply better. Wires are a nuisance; they tangle, they can be damaged, they are an inconvenience. Eliminating them as wireless keyboards have done is consummate.

Reverse: The goal of the keyboards is simply to input information on either a monitor or paper. The opposite of that would be then to delete information. The delete button takes care of that...

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