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School Design Essay

  • Submitted by: jrthompson
  • on February 26, 2014
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In this assignment, the task of designing a school that would have a capacity of 1000-1200 students, as well as be able to serve for the greater community was assigned. Along with this came some questions such as what will we need and where will it go? But there were also some more important questions that came up such as why would certain parts of the school be located where they are? And how is the design functional for students and the greater community? These are some of the questions that will be explored.
The first task was deciding what would need to be in the school.   The school would need to have many classrooms for the 6 main subjects (Math, English, History, Science, Geography & French) as well as other classrooms rooms for subjects such as Home ec, tech (computer labs), woodshop, cosmo, art, drama & Music. Some other things that would need to be included are washrooms, gyms,   library, cafeteria, auditorium, office, nurses office, janitors closet and staff workrooms. Another few things included in the school would be a chapel and a small indoor painted on “track” around the two gyms on the second floor. Next I’d like to explain how and why the school was designed the way it is.
A major part of how the school was designed was how public and private space was divided. Areas that would be used by the public include the gyms, cafeteria, auditorium, office, washrooms, and library. All of these spaces were put near the front and close together as possible, This way when people unfamiliar with the school would be able to quickly find where they were trying to go, and not be wondering the halls and roaming into classrooms. The nurses office was also put near the gym because that’s where most injuries are most likely to happen.
The way classrooms were placed was too make finding certain areas of the school and classrooms easier for students. This was accomplished by putting classrooms of a certain subjects all near each other. Something else that was done to...

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