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School Uniforms Essay

  • Submitted by: anonymous
  • on February 21, 2013
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From fifth to eigth grade, I attended Dakota Valley Middle School. Attending a public school, I experienced the “luxury” of being able to wear whatever I wanted on a daily basis. After 8th grade, I transferred to Heelan for grades nine through twelve. Here at Heelan, we have a strict dress code that must be followed. When I was at Dakota Valley, I looked at uniforms as something that I absolutely would not want to have to partake in. Now that I attend Heelan though, I realize all the positives that they bring to the table.
School uniforms bring a type of order and unity within the students. When a person sees a group of students from Heelan outside of school, they automatically can identify what school we go to. There have been many occasions where a group of friends and I have been out in public, and we contemplated doing something rude or inappropriate, but when we glanced down and realized we had our school uniforms on, we did not want to disrespect our school, so we changed our minds. Also, picking your outfit for school the next morning is extremely easy. I personally save around 15-20 minutes of important sleep every morning simply because I do not have to even consider what I should wear on that particular day.
Just like sleep, money is also a valuable thing in our world today. Many people struggle for money and are often living paycheck to paycheck. Luckily, school uniforms have many financial benefits. For example, I personally own three school pants, three school shirts, and a pair of school approved shoes. I purchased these when I was a freshman and have used these same clothes ever sense, replacing a pair of pants or a shirt once in a great while. I know, I know, most people are not quite as height-challenged as me, and do happen to grow throughout high school. But for these kids who do grow, the ability to pass your clothes down to younger siblings, relatives, or even friends who struggle for money is something that can be taken advantage of....

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