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Science Essay

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Environmental Science
Vostok Data Answers as well as Specmap Bonus Questions:

  1. June and December seem to have insolation curves that are ueful to us because that at those two times during the year, the aphelion and perihelion phases of the earth and sun can show us whether radiation and solar power from the sun is stronger or weaker than it normally is, thus why the winter and summer times are recorded.
  2. The attached graph is for graph number 2:

  a. The frequency of the graph is about 100-130 thousand years that spikes from a negative 40 range to around -400 range and this repeats every 100-130k years as shown by the peaks on the graph.
  b. Although I can not draw on an word document because it asks to draw by hand, I will it appears symmetric, although it is not perfect like a ball or circle where its perfectly identical, it does have the same peaks and wave oscillations ever 100 year and if cut down the middle it would line up correctly.
  c. Both at 20k and 120-140k years the trend appears to be a large spike from a low amount to a high amount and then all over again.
  3. The graphs for summer, winter and the equator are on the next page followed by the answers to the questions.

a). although my graphs are tightly compacted to save space, the winter closely mocks the summer and vice versa. This appears to me as a form of homeostasis that the earth is naturally doing in response to the rise in temperature from the suns radiation. Does this mean that we really are globally warming or is the earth just doing its job and maintaining a balance?
4. 4 and 5 will be on the next page.

4 a.
  a. In which hemisphere are the changes most closely related to changes in air temperature? I would say that based on the graph that I created, is in the southern hemisphere. The green southern dots align much closer to the temperature than the June points do.


I would say the concentration follows the Methane very closely as related...

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