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Science Essay

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* For my student research project, I did flowers in different solutions.
  * I conducted background research for the experiment based on the effects of salt, sugar and vinegar. Vinegar inhibits bacterial growth while it regulates the water’s pH level and helps the flower absorb water faster. Salt inhibits mold, bacteria and fungi growth, but if enough salt is added, flowers can get dehydrated and wilt. Sugar gives the flower more nutrients, nourishes the plants and substitutes the glucose the plant produces during photosynthesis
  * My aim was to investigate out of sugar water, salt water and vinegar water, in which the flowers would last the longest. My hypothesis was that flowers in the vinegar water would last the longest.
  * The materials that I used for this experiment were fresh flowers, 3 plastic bottles, white vinegar, salt, sugar, measuring jug, measuring spoon and measuring cup.
  * The independent variables were the different solutions; the dependent variables are the flowers after the experiment; and the controlled variables are the ratio of each substance to water, which is 1:20, the same temperatures of water and to put the flowers into the solutions at the same time.
  * I cut the stems of the flowers at 45 degree angles so they absorb water better. I used the measuring jug to pour 500ml of water into each of the two smaller bottles and 1L of water into the larger bottle. I then poured 50ml of vinegar into the measuring cup, measured 25g of sugar and salt using the measuring spoons. After that I mixed the vinegar into the large container and the sugar and salt into the small containers so the ratio of each substance to water is 1:20.
  * On the fifth day, the flowers in the vinegar water wilted the most and the flowers in the sugar water remained the healthiest.
  * On the sixth day, there were finally big differences between the flowers.
  * Until the last day, the flowers in the sugar water remained almost the same while the...

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