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See It Essay

  • Submitted by: superpratyush
  • on February 22, 2013
  • Category: Psychology
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itPratyush Bhattacharjee
From Zero to Infinity
There is a place you can never go to, but which keeps the answers to all you could have to ask. If you are one with a mind that doesn’t interest you with the miracle of life, you still will have craved answers to questions like, what does my future hold for me? Will it be good, will it be bad? How long do I have left?
I mean the world is huge, and there are people of all kinds. There are good people and there are many more bad. There are babies who have died for the sex in which they were born and murderers who live their lives through taking peoples’ lives. There are animals that are slain, slaughtered as soon as they enter this world. There are animals that spend their entire lives standing up and providing for an industry and are slaughtered after they’re done.
If to some the world can be a beautiful place, why should it be Hell itself for others. If balance is the norm in nature, where is the balance in this sad reality?
“What put this celestial ball of fire at just the right distance from our little blue planet, making it possible for you to be sitting here, in this riveting lecture?” said Nichoas Cage in the 2009 SciFi thriller Knowing.
So it isn’t unnatural for some to think on these thoughts, but the question is so deep and the answer so far away, I guess, that we all might as well give up on it, and we have, and we don’t think of it for too long at a time. I guess. Philosophers have gone mad in the past, thinkers and great scholars in the past were literally driven to the brink of insanity.
The capability of knowing that I am alive intrigues me and should intrigue you too. The existence of Life, and this Planet and the ways of it intrigue (and scare) me the most. Everytime I think of life I think of the great Universe and that if life was distributed evenly across the space, I would be the only one with life for billions of light years. Why was I chosen to live the life of a human and a rat that of...

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