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Seeing Images Essay

  • Submitted by: nayerayasser
  • on February 27, 2014
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Ways of seeing (film) – John Beager
  * If we understand a painting, we can also discover ourselves and the situation in which we’re in.
  * The process of seeing painting tends to be more natural than we believe.
  * Perspective is unique to the European art, which makes the eye the center of the visible world.
  * The camera shows the world only the way it can see it, recording one movement after the other with complex combinations.
  * The invention of the camera changed, not only what we see, but also how we see it.
  * It reproduces paintings to make it available anywhere at any time for any purpose (not at one place at one time anymore) with different sizes and contexts.
  * A part of the life and individuality of a building is the paintings that represent records and memories of this place. Everything around the painting consolidates its meaning.
  * An extreme example of this is the icon that marks the place of its meaning.
  * Now with the invention of the camera, it belongs to no place. The image travels to you instead of you traveling to the image. The meaning becomes transmittable.
  * However, the original paintings are still unique and authentic because they still differ from the photographed ones.
  * The stillness and uninterrupted silence of a painting can be very striking. It connects the moment it represents with the moment you’re looking at it.
  * That’s why they can be manipulated by movement and sound by the camera. It can remove or change a detail to make it better.
  * With the movement of the camera, some paintings can be showed as landscapes.
  * Music and rhythms that are played over a picture change the significance of it.
  * When the meaning of a painting becomes transmittable, it can be manipulated and transformed by the camera, words and music. It becomes no longer consistent.
  *   When paintings are reproduced, they become a form of information.
  * The meaning of a painting can change...

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